What Is A Call Intelligence Platform And Why Is It Important?

In today’s digital environment, the conversion from a slightly interested interested observer to a fully engaged customer is complex. For a company that relies on phone calls as part of its business model, a call intelligence platform can be an important tool for understanding this transformation. Not only will it ensure calls are handled smoothly and efficiently, it can capture data which can be used to improve the experiences of the customer, the call agent and the company as a whole. In this post, we’ll explain the functions of a call intelligence platform and how it can improve your phone call based business.

Online Tracking

Ideally a call intelligence platform will work to improve the customer’s experience, increase their engagement with call agents and maximize conversions. This is accomplished with tracking functions that can identify the customer’s journey over multiple devices. The technology allows a company to trace the caller’s online migration by tracking which web pages were landed on, which ads they interacted with, what caused them to make the phone call and what the outcome of that call was. Analyzing this journey allows a company to improve their processes and make them increasingly customer friendly.

Data Interpretation

By using the information gathered by the platform, marketers are better able to understand which of their campaigns are most successful, where their advertising dollars are most effective and what is most likely to encourage the customer to make a phone call. All this information allows the company to refine its marketing efforts, learn more about its customers and ultimately improve ROI.

Call Routing

Another important aspect of a call intelligence platform is the ability to properly handle the calls and the resulting data. An effective system will answer the call, ascertain what the caller is trying to accomplish and route them to an appropriate agent in a quick and efficient manner. The call should be trackable, recordable and monitorable while the ensuing data is fed into a CRM system and analyzed with the goal of improving future customer interactions.

Improved Experience

Call intelligence platforms ultimately serve three different parties. They are meant to improve the customer journey by fulfilling their needs as quickly as possible. They provide information to the call agent which allows for more personalized customer service. And they provide insight for the company which allows it to measure the effectiveness of its various operations.

The CallerReady Solution

If your company relies on phone calls to drive business, learn how a call intelligence platform can improve your bottom line. To find out how such a platform can be configured to meet your business needs, get in touch with CallerReady for a free demonstration.