Automatic Call Distribution FAQ

Unless you’re a sole proprietor who fields your own calls, chances are you have some form of call distribution at your company. In some cases, a live receptionist answers the phone and routes calls to the appropriate department or team member. Others use an automated attendant to answer and direct calls.

Automatic call distribution systems are essential in companies that have a large volume of incoming calls or operate in multiple locations. That doesn’t mean, though, that only large call centers benefit from these systems. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions about automatic call distribution.


What are the advantages of using automatic call distribution?
Automatic call distribution benefits customers and employees. It’s more efficient than manual call distribution because the automated attendance can answer multiple calls at the same time. This streamlines the queueing process and optimizes resources. Instead of spending time fielding calls, employees can concentrate on serving customers.


How does automatic call distribution compare to a live receptionist?
Both a live receptionist and automatic call distributor can answer and route calls. In some cases, choosing between the two is a matter of preference. For example, some people believe a live receptionist gives the company a more personal touch. Others place greater value on the efficiency of software. No one is going to get involved in an extended conversation with an automated attendant.


Why do call centers need automatic call distribution?
Think about the number of calls that go through a call center on a daily basis. It’s simply not possible for a single individual to answer all of them. Even if you hire more than one receptionist, an automatic call distribution system may still be more efficient. Large call centers may hire hundreds of people. The software can keep track of the people and their skills sets more effectively. This means callers get to talk to the people best prepared to help them, and employees spend more of their time focusing on customer needs.


Is it possible to use automatic call distribution outside of call centers?
Call centers aren’t the only types of businesses that benefit from automatic call distribution. You can set up a system in any office where you want to route calls based on certain rules. For example, you may assign specific regions to different employees. You can create a rule that routes calls based on the area code of the incoming phone call.

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