Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing: 3 Reasons to Consider a Pay Per Call Campaign

When deciding how to reach out to potential customers, you can choose from several proven methods to get your message out in front of people. It’s important to discover and use the methods that help you stand out from all of the other messages your audience receives.

All of these marketing strategies fall under two broad categories: outbound and inbound marketing. When you know the primary difference between inbound and outbound marketing, you also understand the benefits of a pay per call campaign.


What is Outbound Marketing?
Outbound marketing is also called push marketing or interruption marketing. Think about television commercials, radio and print advertisements, email blasts and any other technique that sends a message out to a large audience. It’s effective—although often costly― and plenty of companies see results from this type of marketing.


The Inbound Marketing Difference
Inbound marketing, like pay per call marketing takes a different approach. It’s a form of pull marketing that focuses on the needs of the end user. Instead of using precious air time and print space highlighting the benefits of the product or service, it shows the customer how it meets their needs. This is an important distinction because it captures the customer’s attention when they’re most likely to buy. Here’s why you should consider a pay per call campaign.


1. It targets a specific audience.
Before you launch a pay per call campaign, you spend time identifying the needs of your target audience. This lets you craft a message that appeals directly to them, highlighting how your company can meet them. This is more effective than a general message in capturing the attention of the people most likely to take the next step toward a sale.


2. It provides customers with key information.
Remember that inbound marketing shifts the focus of the marketing message from the product features to the customers’ needs. To do that, you need content. This content doesn’t exist solely to attract customers. It gives them important information they can use to help them make a purchasing decision. By the time they speak to a representative, they’re ready to buy.


3. It brings in more qualified leads.
Perhaps the greatest advantage of using pay per call marketing is the quality of the leads it generates. First, people who pick up the phone and call are typically ready to buy. They’ve done their research or have an immediate need to solve. Second, you can route incoming calls to a call center that can qualify the leads before sending them on to a sales rep.

A successful pay per call campaign needs the right management software. To learn more about Caller Ready’s powerful pay per call platform, call (877) 800-4844 or read more about it and our other products at www.callerready.com.