Call Tracking vs. Call Intelligence

The Difference Between Call Tracking and Call Intelligence | Caller Ready

Each incoming phone call tells a story. It shows who may be interested in your product. It reveals what advertisements and marketing channels prompt them to pick up the phone. It indicates the effectiveness of your call center representatives and so much more. All of this information helps you determine what does and does not meet the needs of your customers.
This is why it’s important to know what happens to each call from start to finish.


How Much Data Do You Need?
Taking a close look at the data each call generates is an opportunity to set goals, convert more sales and build relationships with your customers. Both call tracking and call intelligence software give you data you need to evaluate your calls, but are they the same? Adding to the confusion is the fact that some companies use the terms interchangeably. Understanding what these types of software offer can help you choose the right one for your business.

Call tracking software records basic information about each phone call. This includes the location of the caller, which advertisement prompted the call, how long they stayed on the line and whether the call resulted in a sale. You need this information so you know which marketing channels are producing the best results. Otherwise, you may waste resources on ineffective campaigns.


Leveraging Call Data
Call intelligence takes call tracking to a deeper level. Instead of just learning how callers heard about your company, you discover the behaviors influencing their actions. For example, with call intelligence software, it’s possible to route calls to a specific call center based on the incoming location or to a designated representative. You can even record calls so you can evaluate the content of each call to determine how you can best serve callers.

This does not mean that you should abandon one for the other. Ideally, call tracking and call intelligence work in tandem. You certainly need the information provided by a call tracking system to customize the call intelligence software. That’s what gives you the ability to route calls, assign specific phone numbers as priorities and even identify key words in conversations that lead to sales (compared to those that end with no sale).

Each time the phone rings, you have an opportunity to learn about your customers and your employees. Make the most of all this available data with robust caller software that monitors each call from start to finish. To learn more about CallerReady’s suite of products, explore or call (877) 800-4844 to speak to one of our representatives.