Never Miss A Call

Nobody enjoys being on hold waiting for a representative and when your revenue and customer satisfaction depend on expeditious call handling, you need processes to make sure you are effectively prepared to handle demand 24×7.  Whether the primary buyers/offices are closed for the day (After Hours) or all lines are busy (Overflow), there are many instances where you will need to invoke additional buyers/call centers/agents to handle the call.  When the first round of competitive call distribution fails to connect the call, CallerReady provides a set of tools designed to ensure the call is answered and handled in a reasonable period of time.  When designing your call flows for Overflow and After Hours, you can make use of the following automated tools to design the optional process:

  • The call can be offered to successive tiers of agents/call centers
  • An automated call attendant can play recorded messages and offer scheduling options, e.g.
    • ScheduleIVR™ – Select a time for a return call
    • Intelligent Abandonment – Hang up but keep your place in queue and the next available agent will call you back
  • SMS and Email messages can be used to confirm the time for the call backs

With tiers in the call routing, automated attendent messaging, and automated return calls, you can ensure you are doing everything you can to achieve the goal of Never Missing a Call.