The Pay-Per-Call Platform is the world’s most powerful system for performance marketers who want to scale their lead generation businesses.  Your call buyers and suppliers are ready, are you?

Performance marketers now have a single call marketing platform that does it all!  Drive your lead generation business to its full potential with The Pay-Per-Call Platform, a complete suite of tools for managing your call generation and distribution business.  The platform helps call generators/suppliers, call network managers/lead aggregators and call buyers effectively and efficiently transact with full support for buyer and supplier orders management



Features include

  • Dynamic Call Distribution allows you to distribute and track inbound calls to fill your call lead orders in the most profitable manner using our patented Multi-Buyer Call Distribution™ technology.  Award calls across multiple advertisers who are competing for the call based on speed to answer and price.  When buyers compete, everyone wins!
  • Profit & Loss Tracking of Sales and Expenses associated with generation, buying, brokering, and selling calls
  • Complete Order Management system for managing call supplier and buyers including with optional returns management for handling buyer return requests
  • Integrated industry leading Lead-to-Call Automation
  • Integrated optional Sales Qualification & Transfer CRM
  • Integrations, Call Tracking & Event Notifications: We can share data with anybody and everyone who needs it.  Lead capture, delivery, notifications and full lead lifecycle attribution and tracking