Phone calls convert better than clicks. But which ads are making your phone ring?

Call Tracking

Perhaps you’re running multiple internet ads and you want to determine which ads are pulling better.  With our Call Tracking platform, we provide the tools to capture and analyze your call data in order to maximize your advertising spend.  Whether you’re advertising via search, email or offline, we help you attribute which ads lead to phone calls to give you a better understanding of what is working the best!  It is all part of our commitment to CompleteTrackabilitysm.

Call-Tracking Features:

  • Provision¬†low-cost, unique trackable phone numbers (local & toll-free) for¬†each of your campaigns.¬†¬† When a customer dials your number, they‚Äôre transferred to a phone number you designate.
  • Qualify and Distribute: route the call exactly how you want it with¬†geographic, custom IVR, and prioritized distribution
  • We provide real-time call analytics and reporting to immediately determine which campaigns are the most effective.
  • Source Tracking provides attribution at the marketing campaign/publisher/source level
  • Click Tracking with Dynamic Number Insertion¬†provides a unique phone from a ring pool to each new visitor and ties the ‘offline’ phone call conversion back to the click that drove the call and from there back to the keyword/search term/affiliate that drove the click