How To Reduce Call Abandonment With The CallerReady Platform

For a business that depends on phone calls for its livelihood, abandoned calls are a detriment to the bottom line. Although there are many reasons why a customer will hang up after making a phone call, there are technological advances that can prevent that from happening. The CallerReady performance call marketing platform has built-in functions that are designed to reduce call abandonment and help your bottom line. To learn how to reduce call abandonment with the Callerday platform, check out these functions.

Custom Interactive Voice Response Menus

By creating custom interactive voice response (IVR) menus you can keep your customers engaged even when live agents aren’t available. IVR is a system that prompts your customer to respond to pre-recorded messages using their touch tone keypad. This allows the customer to direct themselves to the proper destination while giving your business insight into exactly what they need. It also serves the function of keeping the caller occupied rather than having them wait on hold. As your business begins to further understand customer response to IVR, it becomes possible to optimize the system to reduce call abandonment even further.

Volume Based Scheduling

The CallerReady platform allows calls to be directed anywhere there are available agents. If, for example, your business is receiving high call volumes after the primary office is closed or all the existing phone lines are busy, it’s possible to start redirecting calls towards successive tiers of agents and call centers. The CallerReady platform provides automated tools to ensure this occurs when necessary.

Call Back Requests

The CallerReady platform incorporates an Intelligent Abandonment system. This allows the customer to request a call back rather than become frustrated while sitting on hold. Such a system allows the customer to retain their position in the queue and receive a phone call once the next agent becomes available. Rather than have a customer hang up due to long hold times, the ability to automatically request a call back allows them to get on with their day and still receive the service they’re looking for.

Priority Call Expediting

When there is a hierarchy of caller priority, it makes sense to expedite the top priority calls at the expense of calls that are of lower priority. This reduces the number of priority caller hang ups by transferring them to an agent more quickly. A well set up IVR system can qualify and prioritize calling customers according to their responses to pre-recorded messages. For example, callers who are ready to make a purchase can be automatically moved to the front of the queue ahead of callers who may simply be looking for information.

The CallerReady Platform

The CallerReady performance call marketing platform has been designed to reduce the number of dropped calls your business experiences. This easily programmable system allows for customized changes to be made according to the needs of your business. To learn how to reduce call abandonment using the CallerReady platform, get in touch for a free demo today.