4 Ways Call Recording Software Helps Phoned-Based Businesses

Call Recording Software

When your business relies on phone calls, the ability to monitor the calls will play a large role in your capacity to optimize your business practices. For this reason, many phone reliant businesses use call recording software to allow insight into their call center practices. This article will go over four ways that call recording software can benefit phone-based business.

1. Monitor Agent Performance

Although it’s possible to monitor agent calls by listening in to their conversations in real-time, doing this for every phone call made throughout an entire call center would ostensibly require doubling your call center staff. And even though it might be beneficial to listen to the real-time phone conversations of trainees or new hires, doing this for every call agent is largely unfeasible. This is where call recording software can reduce costs and increase efficiency. Because every phone call is recorded, managers are able to pick and choose which phone calls they would like to monitor and when.

2. Employee Training

The ability to bring up previous phone conversations can play a valuable role in employee training. As opposed to eavesdropping on live phone calls where the outcome is unknown, using a pre-recorded interaction between a customer and agent can provide an optimal learning experience for a new employee. By utilizing previously recorded phone calls to demonstrate various outcomes depending on call agent or customer behavior, a new employee can receive valuable training.

3. Quality Control

Call recording software allows a business to ensure that all its phone calls measure up to company standards. By being able to compare and contrast the types of phone conversations taking place, call agent protocols can be clarified, refined or redefined where necessary. The ability to review phone calls will ensure requirements are being met and satisfactory performance is being maintained.

4. Liability Protection

Possessing a database of all conversations made throughout a call center is similar to having a dashboard camera in your car. If something untoward is thought to have happened, a recording of the situation exists for review. This can protect a company if an agent is accused of providing misleading information or instances of harassment are alleged. By having a clear record of the actual circumstances, a company can protect itself and employees from liabilities.

The CallerReady Platform

The CallerReady performance call marketing platform features built-in call recording software that allows companies to record and store any phone calls made through their system. For more information of how this platform can assist your business, get in touch with CallerReady for a free demo today.