4 Main Features Of An Online Lead Management System

A lead is the starting point of the journey towards a sale. Being able to manage leads effectively is an essential function for businesses that depend on sales for their bottom line. With the advent of the internet and online marketing, lead management has become both easier and more complicated at the same time. To clear up this conundrum, this article focuses on the main features needed for an effective online lead management system.

1. Lead Tracking

Understanding where your leads come from and the methods that most effectively attract them is an important function of a competent online lead management system. There can be several components comprising such a system including an interactive CRM database, source tracking software, analytical reports and a lead evaluation system. Analyzable information resulting from lead tracking prepares the groundwork for creating personalized and targeted marketing efforts.

2. Lead Qualification

Not all leads are created equally. Understanding the value of a specific lead is important for the efficient deployment of your sales team. Determining where in the sales journey an individual lead resides gives an indication of the effort necessary for a conversion. An effective online lead management system will be able to qualify your leads and rank them according to their position in the sales funnel.

3. Interactive Content

The content used to interact with potential leads plays an important role in engaging and nurturing them as they begin their sales journey. Ultimately, interactive content should be designed to simplify the steps the lead needs to take in order to achieve their desired result. Whether this manifests itself in the form of call agent sales scripts, online click-to-call widgets, information request forms or other persuasive techniques ultimately depends on the individual business. Regardless of the methods used, the actual interactive content is an important element of lead management protocol and will play a significant role in converting leads into sales.

4. Call-To-Action Automation

Once a lead has been persuaded to take action, it is imperative for the business to provide the proper channels to allow that action to take place with as little friction as possible. Whether this is something as simple as providing a clickable phone number on a website or something far more complex, the fact remains that it’s in the company’s best interest to make it as easy as possible for the customer. An effective online lead management system will automate the call-to-action process and require the the customer to do as little as possible to receive the service they deem necessary.

The CallerReady Solution

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