What Is Lead Tracking Software Supposed to Track?

Every sale begins with a lead. Generating leads is made possible when marketers create interest by promoting their product to consumers. Once a consumer expresses curiosity or enthusiasm about the product they are transformed into a lead. Tracking a lead through the sales process may not be that complicated in a one-on-one relationship, but if a company is dealing with hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of leads, effective monitoring of every single lead becomes exponentially more complex. This is where lead tracking software can become an important tool in scaling a company’s success.

By tracking your leads through the sales process, it becomes easier to understand the mechanisms that work best to convert a lead into a sale. This is done by the accumulation, categorization and analysis of the information garnered from each interaction with the customer. Learning what your customers responded to most strongly, the effectiveness of the steps taken to lead them through the sales journey and what makes customers return can be automated by a capable lead tracking software system. Here are three important components of lead tracking software:

Source Tracking

Understanding from where the majority of your leads are being sourced is important when it comes to perceiving which of your marketing techniques are most effective. By being able to pinpoint the advertisement, marketing campaign or promotional effort that resulted in the greatest number of promising leads, your company can lower marketing costs and increase ROI. An effective lead tracking software system will be able to attribute leads to specific marketing efforts.

Sales Journey Tracking

Understanding where in the sales journey each lead resides might be simple when dealing with a handful of leads. But as the number of leads increases, the ability of manual systems to prevent leads from falling through the cracks becomes more questionable. A good lead tracking system will monitor each lead and continue to nurture it with automatic, prearranged procedures while notifying your team when direct actions are necessary.

Follow Up

Once a lead is converted into a sale, the job is not finished. It’s well known that repeat sales take much less effort than converting a brand new lead. Therefore, it’s important to follow up with the customer to ensure they received the service they expected as well as providing them opportunities help with referrals and make further purchases. A good lead tracking program will help with this process.

The CallerReady Platform

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