Top Ways to Use Automatic Call Recording to Boost Productivity

As a business owner, you need to know what’s going on in the day to day operations of your company. Automatic call recording gives you a glimpse of the interactions between your employees and customers. This information helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team and operating procedures so you can boost productivity and increase profits.


1. Manage quality control.
Without satisfied customers, you’ll have a hard time staying in business. You need quality controls that ensure each customer receives products and services that meet (or exceed) their expectations. Automatic call recording lets you double check information like the customer contact details and order placements so you don’t send the wrong product to the wrong address. This prevents future losses by keeping customers happy and reducing unnecessary shipping and restocking costs.


2. Review employee performance.
Reviewing employee performance can be tricky because you typically discuss your observations after you see them in action. If you have recordings of their conversations with customers, you get a better overview of their work and can notice performance trends. Then you have the ability to extract specific portions of the calls to share with employees and use as evidence for their performance indicators. You can also use this information to set up an automatic call routing system that directs callers to specific employees.


3. Train new employees.
When you hire new employees, you have to spend time training them so they know how to do their jobs. Even if they come to you with similar experience at other companies, you have to show them how your business operates. Automatic call recorders provide excellent training materials for these training sessions. You get to share with employees real world examples of what they should and should not do


4. Improve marketing efforts.
No matter how much you spend on marketing, you want to make sure you get a positive return on the investment. You need to know who your customers are and why they choose your company over other options. Recorded calls give you access to data you can use to evaluate your marketing efforts. You can note details like the length of the phone call, time of day and the types of questions asked during the call. When you compare this information with which calls resulted in sales, you know which marketing campaigns work best for your company.


The phone conversations between your employees and your customers play a vital role in the success of your company. CallerReady has the tools you need to track and monitor these calls so you can replicate what’s working and change what’s not. Call 877-800-4844 or visit to learn about our suite of call center software.