Sales Automation Software For Increased Sales

There’s more to sales than just convincing someone to buy your product. It may seem like a simple process, but there are a lot of moving parts that need to be taken care of when it comes to staying organized in the sales game. How do you know which leads need to followed up on? What do you do with all the information gathered at every step along the way? How do you keep track of all your appointments? Luckily, in this day and age, there are sales automation software suites that can help with all these issues and more. Let’s find out what these programs can do for you.

Activity Reports

One of the most time consuming and aggravating tasks assigned to sales reps is the input of data regarding the activities that they’ve already performed. Logging sales meetings, phone calls and emails not only takes a lot of time, it takes the sales rep away from their primary task at hand – generating sales. A good sales automation program can do this for the sales rep without them having to take their eye off the sales process.

Mass Email Automation

Staying in touch with a long client list is made much easier with mass email automation. Even though the missives are inherently generic, many mass email programs allow for personalization beyond simply using the receiver’s name in the greeting. Such email campaigns can be used to stimulate a sales prospect’s interest without having to invest a lot of time until there’s some sort of response. Allow automated email programs to keep you fresh in the mind of a prospect while you focus on leads that are ready to engage with you.

Appointment Scheduling

Nailing down a time and a date for a sales call can be like a game of ping pong. Hitting the appointment back and forth to try and fit each other’s schedules is not only inefficient, it can become downright exhausting for both parties. Scheduling tools allow your client to see when you’re available and allows them to choose a slot that works for them. Once chosen, the date will be set in your calendar and it will automatically pop up a reminder to allow you to prepare yourself for the meeting.

Sales Call Analysis

A good sales rep just wants to move onto the next prospect rather than dwell on a call that may or may not have proven successful. Sales automation software can implement call intelligence tools that will record, analyze and transcribe your sales calls and give insight into the parts of your conversation that yielded results. Or get reports about what times your calls are actually getting answered by specific clients or what keywords are making them open their emails. Allow your sales reps to keep making sales pitches rather than spend their time updating a database.

Sales Automation For Increased Sales

As this article shows, sales automation doesn’t remove the need for sales people, it just allows the team to concentrate on the actual sale. Reduce the amount of administration work required by your sales team and increase the energies put into actual sales by implementing sales automation software.