Must Have Features of Every Call Center Software


Call center software is a system that allows a company or organization to run a call center. In the modern era, there are hundreds of different providers of call center software for your business across the globe. Every software has its own pros and cons. Before selecting the right call center software for your business, you need to decide what features you want your phone system to have.

Whether you are in retail banking, telecommunications, insurance, or a brokerage, you need a call center software. The right software will help you run the call center effectively and lower your operating cost.

Are you in the market for new call center software and not exactly sure about the features? Here, we are going to make a list of most common call center software features which will help you select the perfect call center software that meets your business needs. Some of the most common call center features:

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

An IVR is an extremely common and a telephony menu system that identifies segments and routes callers to the most appropriate agent, department, or pre-recorded message. In a typical IVR scenario, a caller first hears the IVR greeting and is then asked to choose from a series of prompts (e.g. “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support…”). The caller is then routed to the most appropriate team member or waiting for queue based on their selection.

Automatic Call Distributor(ACD)

ACD is considered the backbone of a call center and performs many essential functions. An ACD system routes incoming calls to agents within or across call centers. ACD systems typically offer the call to the agent that has been waiting the longest. However, other softwares such as CallerReady offer the call to multiple agents to ensure that an agent is available to take the call. This type of distribution significantly reduces the number of dropped calls due to agent’s inavailability.

Call Queues

Call queues hold callers in a waiting queue when all agents are busy.

Automatic Screen Pop

This is a feature that displays information about the caller automatically in the computer as the phone rings. This information can typically be customized to meet the call center’s needs. Most display the caller’s phone ID and the campaigns they came from. Automatic screen pop allows agents to provide a more personalized experience to their callers, even if it is the first time they have called.

Call control

It refers to basic call handling functionality such as hold, mute, conference, transfer, and hang up. Call center agents can place callers on hold or transfer calls with a click of a mouse.


These are some of the most common and important features of call center software. These features can completely change how your team interacts with customers over the phone.

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