Lead to Call Automation | SMS and Call Notifications


Lead generation through website form submission is one of the most popular methods of online advertising today. When a lead submits their information they expect to be contacted in a timely manner. It’s not uncommon for prospects to make inquiries with several businesses at the same time. Usually, the business that is able to contact the prospect first has a higher chance of converting this customer.

Study show that contact with a lead is 100 times higher when the attempt occurs within 5 minutes, compared to 30 minutes after the lead was submitted. Similarly, the odds of the lead entering the sales funnel are 21 times greater when contacted within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes after the form was submitted. This means that it’s essential for businesses to make a human to human connection immediately after a lead has submitted their request. Often times, however, leads don’t expect to be contacted so soon, especially not on the phone. This moment of surprise may discourage the lead from picking up the phone, simply because they were not mentally prepared.

How Does Form To Call Automation Work?

First, when the lead fills out a form, a text message is automatically sent, notifying the lead that their request has been received and you’ll be calling them soon. This way, the customer will be prepared for the call. Then, the customer receives an automated phone call prompting them to connect to an agent or schedule a call later.



What is Pre-Call SMS Why use SMS Notifications?

We all have received at least a few phone calls that were unexpected and we didn’t answer the phone simply because we were not prepared for them. Sending a short SMS, notifying the caller about an incoming phone call, can make a big difference in the call center industry. This strategy is widely used by marketers, especially when it comes to lead-to-call automation.

Sending a text message before making an actual call is a great way to improve your call marketing efforts. If you are using a signup form with a phone number, you will definitely benefit from a system that can notify the lead about an incoming call. This way the lead knows that their form has been received, has time to prepare mentally, and knows not to engage in other activities (like filling out your competitors’ web forms). With the right lead to call automation software, you can completely automate this process. Automating this task will not only save you a lot of time but will also give you a higher chance of getting your calls answered and your leads converted.


Benefits of Pre-Call Notifications

  • It lets the customer know that you’ve taken their request seriously and you genuinely want to talk to them.
  • Your customer probably has their phone in their hands when you call them. Sending a text message to the lead will draw their attention to their phone right at the moment you call them.
  • Contacting a customer immediately after the form has been completed means talking to them when their interest is at its peak.
  • This means much higher chance of getting a conversion.

Pre-Recorded Voice Message

The next step of lead-to-call automation is to give your prospect an automated phone call. Why not connect the lead to a live person right away? Here are just a few reasons:

  • call now or schedule a call later – the automated call gives the prospect a chance to connect to a live agent right away or schedule a call later. This ensures that you will call the prospect at the time that’s best for them.
  • qualifies the lead – automated calls filter out the leads who are not really interested in receiving a call. This saves the time of agents who would otherwise be trying to call prospects who have low interest in being contacted.
  • follow-up – if the prospect does not answer their phone right away, they can receive a follow-up call. You can set the frequency of the calls based on your preferences and you can change them at any time.
  • A/B testing – you can experiment with different types of voice messages. Some businesses see improvement in their contact rates when they use a more enthusiastic voice, while others do better when using a more formal tone.

Using a pre-recorded message can both increase the contact rate with quality leads and save your company time and money wasted on leads that have low intent. Lead to call automation can dramatically increase the chances of conversion by connecting the lead at the right time and with the right agent. For more information about lead to call automation visit callerready.com or call 877-800-4844