IVR Technology and Lead-to-Call Automation Delivers Results

IVR Technology

Studies have shown that you have 100 times the chance of making contact with a lead if you connect with them within five minutes versus half an hour from when they submitted a lead form. That number is huge, just think of how that can impact your conversion rate and profitability. People live in a fast paced world, have short attention spans and want immediate results. As a business, making a human connection as quickly as possible is essential for increasing your odds of turning a lead into a customer.

With Caller Ready’s intelligent IVR technology and advanced lead-to-call automation suite, our system can rapidly convert raw leads into qualified sales calls ready for your business. A key factor that differentiates us from other solutions is our Speed-to-Lead instant calling feature with integrated SMS messaging. When a lead submits a form, within minutes they will receive a text notification advising that your business has received their request and will be calling them shortly.

Our pre-call notification and automated phone call are the first steps to our successful Speed-to-Lead process and serve and incredibly important purpose:

  • By sending a text immediately, the customer will most likely have their mobile phone in their hands when your automated call gets sent through.
  • Since they have just submitted a lead form, their interest level is still high.
  • An automated phone call will qualifiy the lead and offers the choice of being connected to an agent immediately or to schedule a time for when it is most convenient for them.

From a business standpoint, Caller Ready’s IVR technology and lead-to-call- automation process is an effective cost control measure and ensures that your resources are only being spent on quality lead opportunities. Instead of live agents outbound calling and realizing that the prospect may not actually be interested or not have time to have a conversation, you have eliminated unnecessary call and handle time which can significantly add up if you were to reach out to each lead blindly.

Inteligent IVR Technology

Once your prospect has accepted to speak with an agent, our automated call distribution kicks in and our BestRep finder technology locates the most qualified agent you have available that can accept the phone call immediately.

Our technology is quite amazing. Within a matter of minutes, highly interested prospects can be pre-qualified, screened to ensure that they have the time for a discussion and be connected to one of your top sales agents. We are confident that there is no better way to increase your contact rate while significantly reducing your overall cost per contact.

To schedule a demo and experience firsthand our powerful lead-to-automation technology, connect with our team or call us at 877-800-4844. Smart business practices generate favorable results and we can lead the way to increased profitability and efficient resource management for your organization.