How to Personalize the Caller Experience and Reduce Call Abandonment

reduce call abandonment

Personalizing the caller experience is a frequently discussed subject and it should be. One in three marketers believes that personalizing phone calls will become one of the most important marketing capabilities in the future. While marketers are making great strides in personalizing digital experiences, phone calls cannot be forgotten. With the surge of mobile usage, the phone call is becoming a more frequent form of interaction whether it is from a pay-per-call lead or a repeat customer.

Here are several ways to create a seamless and personalized caller experience to drive more conversions.

Route Calls to the Closest Location

By using geo-location data, businesses can ensure that their calls are automatically routed to the closest and correct location each call. Custom rules can be designed to determine where you want callers to be routed to based on their location.

Empower Sales Associates with Real Time Data

Nothing frustrates a caller more than having to repeat information each time they call or get transferred to another agent or department. Empower your agents by equipping them with the real-time customer information that they need to close a sale, provide a great experience and make the process easier for themselves and your customers.

Use Follow Up Emails and Retargeting

For the many businesses that use voice analytics, marketers are aware of what happened during a phone conversation and can track data such as call outcome, competitors being referenced and what products the caller was interested in. As an example, if a prospect did not make a purchase on their first call, a personalized email can be sent with an enticing up sell offer.

Customize the Call Based on Quality of the Lead

The CallerReady CRM can determine the quality of a lead before the call is connected to an agent. This can be decided by using data such as the success of particular campaigns, demographics, and geo-location to gauge the likelihood of a lead converting. High-quality calls can immediately be directed to your best-performing agents, whereas lower quality calls can be further prompted by the IVR to ask additional qualifying questions and then route accordingly.

If you would like to find out more about how the CallerReady CRM can help personalize your phone calls and reduce call abandonment, contact a member of our team today.