How Pay Per Call Works | Local Business

how pay per call works

In today’s world, local businesses need a strong digital presence in order to survive. Being online is just one factor in the equation – a business needs to be everywhere that their customers are, such as Facebook, in search results and accessible via email. They also need to connect their online and offline experience to help customers make the conversion from digital to purchase and this often occurs with a phone call.

Phone calls have always provided valuable interactions for local business owners. Customers have traditionally been comfortable in calling a company to inquire about a service, ask for a quote, schedule an appointment and to make purchases. In today’s mobile world, most potential customers have a smartphone in their hand to search for businesses in their area and want to be able to connect immediately via a phone call if they are interested.

How Pay Per Call Works For Local Business

Mobile users are on the go and want immediate access to the information they require or answers to questions that they may have about a product or service. When local businesses utilize pay per call advertising and CallerReady’s Pay-Per-Call Marketing Platform, they are enabling a quick, seamless way for potential customers to connect to their business and increase the number of qualified leads that their staff can interact with. Furthermore, pay per call leads have a much higher conversion rate and provide a significant return on investment for marketing dollars spent.

Top Industries That Benefit From Pay Per Call

How pay per call works can vary by type of business. Certain industries have better success in driving phone calls to their organizations such as:

  • Legal – Local Law Firms
  • Financial – Banking, Financial Planners, Accountants. Local Credit Unions
  • Home Services – Plumbing, Landscaping, Contractors, Home Repair Services

pay per callWhen a local business decides to launch a pay per call campaign, it is important for them to decide what exactly their overall goal is or what they consider to be a successful conversion. This can range from providing more quotes, setting more appointments or increasing sales of a particular product. CallerReady can help with optimizing your pay per call campaign and set up your dashboard that will display in real-time where a lead prospect is in the sales process.

After Hours Scheduling

Since most local businesses do not have 24/7 operations, CallerReady provides an after-hours and overflow automation service to ensure that leads from phone calls are not lost. Our ScheduleIVR service will let the caller select a convenient time for someone at your company to call them back during business hours. Have any questions? Contact a member of our team today!