Click to Call Statistics & Why They Drive Sales

click to call statistics

Digital marketers and business owners are aware of how powerful click to call and pay per call advertising platforms are. In 2013, Google commissioned a detailed study on click to call buttons on a group of 3000 mobile searchers that were selected to review their behaviors. The main consideration was that the study group had to have recently made online purchases so that an understanding could be gained into how click to call advertising impacted their decision making when shopping for items or services. You may find some of these click to call statistics quite informative and surprising.


Main Observations:


  • 70% of the mobile searchers studied used click to call buttons and phone calls were an important channel for these customers
  • 61% of the mobile searchers studied rated click to call as either ‘Extremely or Very Important’ in their purchasing decision-making phase.


Business Perception:


  • 35% of the study consumers felt disappointed when a brand or organization did not have a click to call button. Clearly, this is a red flag that if a business is not optimized for mobile phone calls, it will have an adverse impact on their lead generation.
  • 47% of the mobile searchers reported that they were more likely to search other brands or competitors and that they felt frustrated and annoyed when they were not able to directly call the business.


Why Did Customers Call?


The breakdown of why customers wanted to call a business from this study was as follows:

  • 59% – Seeking an answer to an immediate question
  • 57% – Speaking to a real person
  • 54% – Requesting more details than what was available on the company website


A further breakdown of what goals customers were trying to accomplish showed:


  • 52% – Ask for business hours
  • 51% – Schedule an appointment
  • 47% – Ask about inventory/availability/booking information
  • 43% – Ask about pricing


Almost half of the study participants reported that they would search elsewhere if a click to call button was not readily available on a business’s website. By not being optimized for mobile phone calls, your business is risking seriously harming your new customer acquisition and sales. With CallerReady, our Call Tracking platform can provide you with the tools that you need when running multiple online ads with click to call buttons so that you can see which ones are performing best. We provide unique trackable phone numbers that capture essential data so that you can maximize your advertising spend. If you would like to get started, contact a member of our team today.