Call Abandonment FAQ

Call abandonment is a metric that indicates the performance of a company’s system, equipment or personnel. In some cases, it’s the first sign that something isn’t working properly. It’s also easy to overlook. The answers to these frequently asked questions will help you understand why it’s important to pay attention to the reasons callers decide to hang up.


What is the difference between an abandoned call and a missed call?
Although both abandoned calls and missed calls are lost opportunities to connect with customers, they occur at different places in the call process. An abandoned call is one that never reaches a representative. The caller may hang up while still in the IVR system, waiting queue or voicemail. Missed calls are those that an agent does not answer or rejects. When a caller hangs up while being transferred to a different agent also count as missed calls.


Why do call abandonment numbers matter?
Call abandonment is a useful metric that lets companies know something isn’t working in their operations systems. In most cases, callers who hang up before they have a chance to speak to a representative are also displeased with the customer service experience. Not only are they more likely to take their business to the competition, but they also don’t recommend your company to their friends and family. This can lead to lower production and profits.


What types of companies track call abandonment rates?
Any company that receives phone calls can track abandonment rates, but those in the online retail and telecommunications industries are most likely to follow them. Within these industries, high call abandonment rates suggest that the call center does not have adequate staffing or that competitors are offering better deals and service.


How do companies measure call abandonment?
The first step in measuring call abandonment is creating a clear definition of what qualifies as an abandoned call. For example, you may not want to count callers who hang up within the first few seconds of a call because the caller may have misdialed the number and hung up as soon as they realized the mistake. Your company’s call abandonment rate is the number of abandoned calls divided by the total number of answered calls.

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