5 Important Features Of Call Center Management Software

Call centers deal with large volumes of data generated by the phone calls, conversations and information gathering processes occurring throughout the working day. Making sense of all this data requires the ability to sort and store information in a systematic way. Call center management software makes this possible. However, in addition to classifying data, this software can enable an entire call center to function smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, knowing what the software is actually capable of doing allows its users and managers to utilize its full potential. To that end, this article focuses on five of the most important features of call center management software.

1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR allows incoming phone calls to be properly categorized and qualified without using live agent resources. It also acts as the company’s de facto welcoming committee as the first point of interaction with a customer. A good IVR system is easily customizable as well as scalable and should be an integral part of any call center software system.

2. Call Recording Software

Monitoring phone calls plays an important role in improving and optimizing call center efficiency. The ability to record every phone call reduces the amount of manpower needed to monitor performance. Without the ability to record phone calls, a company would effectively need to double its staff to allow consistent phone call monitoring in real time. Call recording software allows agent performance and phone call protocols to be monitored and refined efficiently with random checks while still allowing any call to be replayed if necessary.

3. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

An ACD identifies, matches and routes incoming phone calls to the proper locations, departments or agents depending on preset criteria. ACDs are typically able to process and manage large call volumes better than a human operator. Depending on the company, ACDs can be programmed to distribute calls based on criteria such as response to IVR systems, time of day, geographic location and several other factors.

4. Skills Based Routing

Ideally you want your phone calls to be sent to the agent or department that will best serve the customer. By enabling the ability to route calls based on the skills of the relevant authority, time is saved by both the customer and the call center. As a function of the ACD, skills based routing ensures your customers are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

5. Click To Call

The ability for a call center agent to simply click on a phone number to initiate a call improves efficiency and lowers barriers for quick and effective communication. Click to call eliminates the need to switch interfaces while cutting down on mental errors.

The CallerReady Platform

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