4 Reasons Why Speed To Lead Is Key To Sales Success

CallerReady developed the Lead-To-Call Automation platform to increase contact rates with qualified leads and facilitate converting those leads into sales. The platform provides a suite of tools that expedite lead conversions by continuously engaging the prospect from their initial expression of interest to the point where they are connected with the most qualified sales agent. A key part of this process is the response time of the sales team. It’s been found that speed to lead is a key driver in conversions. In this article, we’ll go over 4 reasons why speed to call increases sales.

1. Speed To Lead Increase Chances Of First Contact

When an interested prospect has a variety of alternatives to choose from, there is great advantage in being the first one to contact the lead. This allows an agent to direct the dialogue from their own perspective and possibly close a deal before anyone else has a chance to state their case. By dealing with the first sales agent they’re contacted by, a buyer doesn’t need to repeatedly go through the awkward ice breaking process with numerous other agents. With all else being equal, it’s only natural for a customer to stick with the sales agent they talk to first.

2. Speed To Lead Builds Customer Confidence

Quickly getting in touch with a lead builds customer confidence as the agent is demonstrating high regard for the buyer’s time and interest. As opposed to a sales agent who take hours or days to return a phone call, contacting a potential customer within seconds shows eagerness, appreciation and respect of the prospect’s time.

3. Speed To Lead Provides Service On Demand

When a lead shows interest in a product or service, they’re obviously thinking about a need they’re trying to fulfill at that moment. This is the most opportune time for a sales agent to get in touch. A quick moving agent can appear to be providing service on demand for the potential customer. A quickly placed phone call can capture the prospect in the appropriate mindframe conducive to allowing an agent to make a sale.

4. Speed To Lead Increases Likelihood Of Customer Availability

The moment a prospect expresses interest in a commodity is the moment they’re most likely to be interested and available for a conversation about the product or service. The potential customer is presumably showing interest via their computer or phone and is therefore more likely to be easily reached with a quick phone call. The longer one waits to make that call, the greater the possibility the prospect’s interest has waned or is no longer available. Speed to lead ensures the potential customer is engaged when they’re most likely available.

The CallerReady Speed To Lead Advantage

CallerReady understands the importance of speed to lead and has developed their Lead-To-Call Automation platform to take advantage of this concept. To learn more about how speed to lead can increase sales success, get in touch today to schedule for a free demonstration.