3 Elements Of the CallerReady Phone Call Automation System

For companies that rely on qualified leads for their phone sales based business, outbound phone calls are not only time consuming, but they can become expensive. Through years of refinement based upon trial and error, many successful pay per call marketers and advertisers have learned to maximize their progress by utilizing phone call automation technology to expedite their phone call processes. CallerReady has developed a powerful pay per call platform designed to allow performance marketers to increase their business at scale. This article will describe three elements of the CallerReady system that allow this scaling to occur.

1. Lead-To-Call Automation

Lead-to-call automation was designed to engage customers quickly and efficiently when they are ready to connect. This phone call automation system was produced to convert raw leads into productive and qualified sales calls. Calls are routed to the sales agent based on selection criteria chosen by the company. These criteria can range from appointing the most qualified agent, the fastest responding agent, the closest geographically located agent or whatever factors the company deems important. The CallerReady lead-to-call automation system has been created to be fully customizable according the company’s needs.

2. Speed-To-Lead Instant Calling

Speed-to-lead instant calling was designed to connect the best available sales agents with interested clients as quickly as possible. Once a customer expresses interest by filling in an online form or clicking a “schedule a call” button, for example, the platform can connect the customer with an agent by phone, text or email. This allows the customer to control how they want to engage and still receive service in a timely manner.

3. Dynamic Call Distribution

The CallerReady platform comes loaded with several patent pending systems designed to get the right sales agent connected to the call. Multi-Buyer Competitive Call Distribution technology puts agents in competition for the call meaning that the customer is paired with a keen and enthusiastic representative. The BestRepFinder is a prioritized call distributor with awareness of an agent’s availability. CompleteTrackability means the call is attributed to the proper channel, whether it met the qualification criteria and the identity of the receiving call agent while the details of the conversation recorded. Stakeholders are also notified with all these particulars and more.

The CallerReady Platform

The CallerReady system has been designed to improve campaign profitability by increasing the number of qualified calls, lowering the costs of outbound calling and connecting customers to sales agent more quickly. To learn more about how a phone call automation system can work with your business, request a free demonstration today.