3 Benefits Of Implementing An Automatic Call Distributor

When you run a phone call based business, answering calls quickly and effectively will play a large role in your company’s success. As you start out, taking incoming phone calls yourself may be entirely feasible. As your business grows you may have to hire a receptionist to field incoming phone calls. However, if your business is receiving thousands of calls per day, implementing an automatic call distributor should be high on your priority list. This article will go over three benefits of using an automatic call distributor when your company experiences a large volume of phone calls.


1. Automatic Call Back

No one likes being put on hold. It’s especially frustrating for people who know their time should be spent on something other than listening to tinny hold music. Show your customers you value their time as much as they do by implementing an automatic call back system. If your operators are facing high call volumes, rather than making your customer wait until the next operator is available, relieve them of the need to endure Muzak, take their phone number and automatically call them back when your operators are ready to serve them. Not only does this allow your customer to carry on with their day, it takes pressure off your operators.

2. Skills Based Call Routing

If you regularly receive a large volume of phone calls, your business likely has many different departments and specialists. By using an automatic call distributor you can direct your customer’s phone calls to the proper department according to their skill set. If your customer is looking to pay a bill, you don’t want to send them to the research department. Similarly, if they’re in need of decision-making help on a purchase you would want them to talk to your sales team. When it comes to whom your customers speak with, remove chance from the equation by implementing an automatic call distributor that will transfer them to right department every time.

3. Geographic Call Routing

We not only live in a 24 hour world, we live in a world that’s globally connected. This could mean a good portion of your customers are in the midst of their day when you’re at home in bed sleeping. This time disparity shouldn’t prevent you from properly serving customers on the other side of the world. An automatic call distributor can receive calls from any location in the world and forward them to operators who speak the same language and are working in a similar time zone. Make your business available to anyone, no matter where they live or what time of day it is.

The CallerReady Automatic Call Distributor

The CallerReady platform has been designed for businesses that need to scale their ability to route phone calls quickly and accurately. CallerReady’s automatic call distributor can be customized to meet the needs of any business that relies on phone calls to provide service to their customers. For a free demo, get in touch with CallerReady today.