What will define success through the digital evolution of marketing?

Video Transcription

Joe Charlson : “What will define success through the evolution of digital marketing?” I think it really rests on two key tenets. You need to understand analytic marketing and you need to understand how to build strong brands and have a passion for it. You need to be able to marry those two. There’s a sea of data, sea of metrics on the analytic marketing side. You have to be able to ask the right business questions. What business value am I going to answer by looking at this data? And then you can go out and pick which data and what’s the sort of minimum amount of data you need so you’re not boiling the ocean and getting lost in dictionaries of print outs of every metric known to man and then some. But beyond that, you know, you’ve got to marry that with a passion for bringing unique relevant content and experiences to your customer base. And those companies, those marketing teams that can do both are going to be very successful in the digital evolution.