Top Tips for Writing a Script for IVR Technology

When it works, IVR technology is one of the most valuable tools in a call center. It improves efficiency and boosts customer satisfaction by quickly gathering information and routing calls. None of this is possible without clear instructions for callers to follow. Use these tips to write a sensational script.

1. Have a Plan
A great script starts with a plan. Think about the destination of each call. Then consider what information you need from each caller to send them in that direction and all the possible paths they may take to get there. This flow chart will help you determine how to route the calls.

2. Keep It Short
Your callers have a lot on their minds. Chances are they’re thinking about the reason they’re calling and rehearsing in their heads what they’re going to say to your representative before anyone answers. Give them short prompts that are easy for them to process.

3. Get Rid of Unnecessary Information
It’s tempting to include a disclaimer like, “Our menu options have recently changed,” but it’s not helpful for your callers. Even if you have changed the prompts, you’re wasting the callers’ time by point it out. Few of them had your previous prompts memorized.

4. Limit the Number of Options
Too many options can be confusing for your callers. There is no need to list all of the available departments, and you’re more likely to frustrate them if they don’t have the time to listen to the entire list. Instead, group together departments, especially on the main menu.

5. Write Like You Talk
Oral language sounds less formal than written language, and your script should reflect this. After you write the script, practice reading it out loud. Read it for other people. Ask for volunteers to try out the system after you record it to make sure it’s easy to listen to and understand.

6. Use Common Language
You may prefer the term customer support manager to salesperson, but it’s not helpful to your callers if they don’t know what it means. Stick with standard terms and avoid industry jargon. The ultimate goal is to get callers to the right representatives as quickly as possible.

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