Leads Management: From Marketing To Sale

With the lead being the beginning point of a sales relationship and a sale being the endpoint, leads management is the creation of a pathway that converts a lead into a sale. As online marketing has a more dominant method of reaching and converting potential leads, the business of leads management has evolved. This article will go over the various features of an effective online leads management system.


The ability to discern where your leads are originating from is important in understanding which of your marketing efforts are working best and where future marketing resources should be committed. By using source tracking programs, customer relationship management (CRM) software and analytical reports that identify and rate potential leads, a business is better able to evaluate its marketing performance and measure its return on investment.


Ensuring that a lead is qualified before being passed on to your sales team will not only reduce costs, it will increase your chances of success. For leads that don’t pass qualification testing, further nurturing can be employed to bring them farther along the sales pathway. Lead education and the use of promotional offers are two examples of nurturing that can result in lead qualification. This will prevent premature sales pitches and increase the chances of success once the lead becomes qualified.

Calls To Action

By using interactive content, a lead can be enticed to act. Calls to action can take the form of a click-to-call button on a website, information request forms that collect email addresses and other information or a sales pitch used by a company representative. Whether a company uses some, all or none of these methods will depend on their specific circumstances, but the fact is that persuading a lead to perform an action is the key to conversion.

Ease Of Passage

Once a lead has been persuaded to act, it’s the company’s job to ensure the lead encounters as little resistance as possible. The specific techniques for this will depend on what the lead is trying to accomplish. If they are making a phone call for example, they shouldn’t be kept on hold for inordinate amounts of time. If they are expecting to receive an email, it should be sent promptly. Ultimately, creating ease of passage for the lead can be just as important as closing a sale.

The CallerReady Platform

For call-based businesses that are looking for an effective leads management system, CallerReady offers a customizable platform that can be designed to meet their specific needs. For a free demonstration, get in touch with CallerReady today.