IVR Technology FAQ

Although interactive voice response (IVR technology) has been around since the 1970’s, it wasn’t a standard feature for call centers until recently. In fact, if you’re exploring platforms and software to automate your call center, you’re probably seeing the term show up in almost every product description. These commonly asked questions and answers will help you understand why this technology is popular.


How Does IVR Technology Work?
IVR technology uses either DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) tones or speech recognition to interact with callers. When a call comes in, the system asks callers to press a number on the keypad or say what they need. It then routes the call to what it deems is the most appropriate extension.


Is IVR Better Than a Live Receptionist?
For some companies, IVR technology is a viableā€”and sometimes more affordableā€”alternative to hiring a live receptionist. Others prefer to use it to support the receptionist during busy hours of the day. In some cases, it’s more convenient to give callers options. Those who need basic information like operating hours, the mailing address or billing details.


What’s the Difference Between Automated Attendant and IVR Technology?
Automated attendant and IVR technology are based on similar concepts. In fact, IVR is an advanced form of automated attendant technology. They both answer incoming calls and route them, but IVR does more. It can offer follow-up surveys, let callers make payments and integrate with the CRM to recognize callers and predict what they need.


Can Small Businesses Use IVR?
Yes, small businesses can implement IVR technology. New companies that lack the resources to hire a live receptionist can let IVR handle phone calls so other employees can focus on doing their jobs. IVR can also give callers the impression that the company is larger than it is, which can boost callers’ confidence.


Do You Need Special Equipment to Use IVR?
A traditional IVR system requires telephony hardware, specialized software and a computer. WIth a cloud-based system you may just need access to the internetā€”perhaps even through a mobile app. These systems lets you forward your number and let the online platform do the work for you.


How Do Customers Respond to IVR?
Like other forms of technology, customers respond in different ways to IVR. Although there are some who just don’t like interacting with an automated system, others prefer the simplicity of using it. It’s especially useful for people who need information or have to complete tasks that can be complicated by talking to a person.

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