How CallerReady Acts As A One-Stop Lead Management System

Lead Management System

The CallerReady performance call marketing platform has been designed to act as a virtual one-stop lead management system. Built directly into the software are several tools and functions that allow users to make the most of the leads they have at hand. The CallerReady platform is fully customizable to meet your business needs and increase your employee’s ability to qualify and convert leads efficiently. Read more to learn about the various features of the CallerReady platform and how you can use it as your lead management system.

Customizable Statuses

The CallerReady platform allows users to customize lead status information which allows multiple users to know exactly where in the sales funnel each lead resides. Give your employees the ability to make note of important information which is immediately accessible by all the platform’s users.

Direct Dialing

The Callerready platform integrates with your telephone system and allows your agents to call leads directly from the digital interface. Cut down on the number of steps your agents must take to contact a lead by increasing their efficiency with the use of the direct dialing function available in the CallerReady platform.

Dynamic Lead Distribution

The CallerReady platform allows for dynamic distribution of leads throughout your sales team. Send your leads to the agents that best fit your needs. With the CallerReady system it’s possible to create a competitive system of lead distribution, configure it according to an agent’s location and timezone or any other criteria that makes sense for your business.

Priority View

By signalling to your agents which leads are of the highest priority, the CallerReady platform ensures that the most easily converted prospects are dealt with in a timely manner. By automatically notifying agents which lead needs to be called next, guesswork is taken out of the salesroom.


The use of CallerReady platform filters makes it easy for agents and team leaders to create customized lead lists according to the immediate tasks at hand. Filters are quickly and easily applied or removed to allow for productive use of the available information.

Call Scheduling

CallerReady’s call scheduling tool ensures follow up calls are never missed. A simple push of a button will schedule an automatic follow up call meaning that prospective leads aren’t allowed to languish due to forgetfulness or negligence.

The CallerReady Advantage

The CallerReady platform’s customizable features and easy-to-use tools make it an ideal lead management system for any company that relies on phone calls for its business. Make it easier for your employees to track, manage and follow up on their leads by implementing the CallerReady platform. For a free demo, contact CallerReady today.