Call Tracking Software | Don’t Miss These Important Metrics

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Every contact center has a different organizational structure and variations in processes for how they manage following up with inbound leads, whether from calls or lead forms. Some have individual teams solely dedicated to connecting with new leads and others filter lead forms throughout their sales agent groups to be managed independently.

Call tracking software is common within a sales and contact center environment, however only monitoring phone call recordings will not show an accurate picture of how well leads are being managed. There are three key metrics that need to be reviewed alongside call tracking software to optimize inbound lead conversion.

Average Response Time Per Agent

call tracking softwareStatistics show that if a lead has to wait longer than half an hour after submitting a form or phone call, the chance to convert that prospect has significantly diminished. New leads are time sensitive opportunities and there is almost always a direct correlation between an agent’s lead response time and whether they are meeting or exceeding their monthly quota.

Rate of Conversion by Lead Response Time

This metric separates leads that convert into the time that takes an agent to initially respond to their request. Many call centers have service level agreements (SLA) in place as guidelines for how long it should take an agent to respond to an inbound lead. This metric helps managers track and build a case should they feel that the organizations SLA needs to be amended, based on the statistics indicating the optimal time for lead conversion.

Follow-Up Rate

This is another important metric which tracks the percentage of leads where an agent has phoned or emailed but not been able to have a conversation. Unfortunately, it is common for agents to forget to follow up with a lead the second or even third time. By monitoring this metric, managers can gauge whether individual sales agents are following due diligence and following up enough times before the lead becomes cold.

CallerReady’s speed-to-lead instant calling feature allows organizations to automate the process of connecting to a lead while it is a hot opportunity. Rather than having to use resources on a dedicated team or trust that agents have the availability to call a new lead back within a few minutes, our lead to call automation tools will automatically turn a lead into a productive sales call. Our platform features instant SMS messaging and automated IVR qualification.

If your organization is looking to reduce manual outbound calling costs and have an instant SLA for connecting with qualified leads, connect with a member of the CallerReady team today to see how our pay per call platform can increase your lead conversion ROI.