Buying and Selling Phone Calls – Real Time Call Auctions, Pre-Qualification and More

Buying and Selling Phone Calls – Real Time Call Auctions, Pre-Qualification and More

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Table of contents:

Types of calls:


  1. Consumer dialed calls
  2. Consumer dialed calls with data leads
  3. Warm call transfers
  4. Warm call transfers with data leads

Ad Copy

  1. Branded
  2. Category

Call Qualification

  1. Duration
  2. Geography
  3. IVR
  4. Form Data
  5. Concierge

Which buyers get the call?

  1. Lead filters
  2. Effective price per call
  3. Even distribution
  4. Progressive seek, tiered or even
  5. Simultaneous seek – speed to press 1 auctions


  1. Calls per day of week
  2. Maximum concurrent calls

Internal call distrubtion

  1. Why is this important
  2. What models exist