Benefits of an Automatic Call Distribution System

automatic call distribution system

An automatic call distribution system has numerous benefits that help businesses better qualify leads and improve their bottom line. Before we detail some of these powerful benefits, let’s explain what exactly a call distribution system is.

Automatic call distribution handles the process of routing incoming calls to your best sales agents who can handle the call with the most skill and conversion success. The system itself is referred to as an automatic call distributor (ACD) system which intelligently distributes incoming calls based on customized rules that a business can establish such as FIFO, priority or geographic location. ACDs are integrated with an IVR that provides self-serve options and additional routing to ensure that callers speak with an agent in the correct department to serve their needs. Some benefits of an automatic call distribution system are:

Instant Response

An ACD provides a faster response to incoming phone calls by routing them to the best available agent. The benefit of this is that it greatly improves call response time and overall handling time, which improves the customer experience. With CallerReady, our Dynamic Call Distribution system goes even further and pre-qualifies callers before they even speak to an agent or if it is during peak calls times, gives callers an option to schedule a call back instead of waiting on hold.

Increases Efficiency


dynamic call distributionCallerReady’s Dynamic Call Distribution System also increases the efficiency and productivity of your sales agents. We use intelligent logic to determine which calls get transferred to the most appropriate agents, as quickly as possible. Our system reduces multiple transfers, captures the caller’s details through pre-qualification and routes the call accordingly.

Optimize Agent Productivity

By using Dynamic Call Distribution, agents only have to handle calls which they are specifically trained for. This not only boosts their confidence but increases their productivity as they can handle their calls quickly and efficiently as they are experts in the subject matter. In addition, they are provided with the caller’s information prior to answering the call so that they are prepared to have a meaningful conversation that is relevant to the customer’s needs.

Reduced Costs

By answering calls faster and connecting to your best agents, the customer experience is improved and increases the chance of first call resolution. When calls are not transferred to multiple agents or departments, your overall cost per call is reduced.

If you would like to learn more about how the CallerReady Dynamic Call Distribution system can help your business, contact us today. Make sure that your calls are getting to the right place and the right agent at the right time.