6 Benefits of IVR Technology

IVR technology or Interactive Voice Response technology, is commonly understood as the phone voice that asks us to press 0 if we wish to speak to an operator. IVR technology has allowed businesses to process large volumes of phone calls while collecting information, processing that information and producing relevant actions. But there are many specific benefits for a company dependent on customer calls who use IVR technology. Here’s a list of 7 of those benefits:

1. Enhanced Corporate Image

An IVR system will give your business an air of professionalism that may be easily lost by an inattentive or tired employee. An IVR system can also make your company appear larger than it is. The configuration of your IVR prompts can make it seem like there are several different departments when the fact may be that you only have a few employees.

2. Efficient Customer Service

An IVR can improve customer satisfaction by providing smooth and efficient service. Callers are automatically routed to the correct agents depending on the information they’ve provided. At the same time, agents will be activated depending on their area of expertise resulting in more focused customer service.

3. Customized Greetings

IVR technology allows a company to create an automated and customized system of greetings and prompts that lend a tone of professionalism. Your messages can be tailored to the audience you’re currently targeting to engender customer loyalty and satisfaction. If you’re not comfortable with the sound or accent of your own voice, IVR systems offer a variety pre-recorded voices from which you can choose.

4. Dependable Call Routing

Have you ever had someone tell you they’ll transfer your call but you end being disconnected or left somewhere out in the ether? Misdirected or dropped calls can be costly mistakes in a competitive field of business. IVR technology is a much more dependable call routing agent than a human who may not have a complete grasp of your phone system.

5. Automated Customer Support

IVR voice prompts can help a caller solve their own problems while allowing your live operators to deal with more complex issues. Customers searching for simple information such as your operating hours or location will end up costing you money if they’re speaking to a live operator. An IVR system can lead the caller to this information without the need of a human interaction.

6. Call Prioritization

IVR technology has the ability to assess the value of the caller based on their responses to the voice prompts. The IVR system can then prioritize the caller depending on their value and send them to the appropriate agent. If necessary, the IVR can bump the caller higher up in the waiting queue leading to quicker service. This ensures your operators are giving high value customers priority service.

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