3 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Call Center Management Software

At the heart of every effective call center is software that routes callers, automates dialing, monitors calls and so much more. In addition to managing calls, this software provides important data that you can use to improve your business structure. Choosing the right software for your company is important, but it’s also helpful to know when it’s time to update your call center management software.


1. You’re receiving more calls than your system can handle.
When customers call your company they have an immediate need that requires an immediate response. They expect—and should get—an answer, not a busy signal. Your team also needs the right tools to help them respond to your customers and their needs. If you’re noticing a surge in incoming calls or an increase in abandoned calls, it’s time to take a closer look at your call center software. Make sure it can handle the call volume.


2. You need more features.
When you bought your current system, it met the needs of your business. Those needs change as your company and industry evolve. At some point, a basic call management system that answers and routes calls is no longer sufficient. Call center management software offers an assortment of features that can increase productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

Say, for example, you want to track call data and identify details like why they call, how long they stay on the line and how that transfers to sales. Call center management software with call tracking features can do this faster and more accurately than you can through other methods. If you’re not able to pull the information you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and call center staff, it may be time to consider an upgrade.


3. You’re expanding your business.
A growing business is a good thing, but growth brings change. Perhaps you’re hiring new team members or opening a new call center. This is also an ideal time to upgrade your call center management software. Use the transition as an opportunity to train everyone on the new equipment.

Expanding your business may not mean setting up a new facility. You may choose to take advantage of technology that lets employees work remotely. This gives you more flexibility with scheduling during peak call hours and works as an incentive for recruiting and retaining quality employees.

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