Why Should Marketers Care About Call Intelligence Technology?

call intelligence technology

Marketing automation essentially refers to a technology that can help manage and automate converting leads into buyers for a business. Call intelligence technology is an important part of marketing automation and something that marketers should not overlook its potential to increase not only the number of leads calling into a business but the quality as well. Quality leads brings higher conversion rates and increased profits – what every marketer is trying to accomplish.

Understanding call intelligence technology is key to making it work as effectively as possible for an organization. For marketers and businesses alike that depend on phone calls as a way to generate new clients and sales, utilizing marketing automation provides a leading edge against competitors.

Call Intelligence Technology Helps:

  • Expand customer and prospect reach
  • Personalizes the caller experience
  • Optimizes overall marketing performance and initiatives

Let’s break down how CallerReady’s pay-per-call marketing platform and lead-to-call automation can help businesses thrive in each of these areas.

Expand Customer and Prospect Reach

Our technology can be used with existing marketing tools to expand audience reach and target quality leads. By integrating our pay-per-call platform with tools such as Facebook, marketers can pull existing data regarding successful conversions and use to model upcoming campaigns. Our call intelligence software provides detailed campaign attribution and real-time intelligence about what customers and leads are calling your business.

Personalizes the Caller Experience

call intelligenceCallerReady’s call intelligence technology does more than just provide data and consumer visibility. We provide the tools to successfully personalize and automate the caller experience through our intelligent IVR. Calls can quickly be qualified and routed based on customized skill sets to get to the best agent that is available. Customized factors can include:


  • Geographic Location
  • Existing Customer or New Lead
  • Product or Service
  • Marketing Campaign

Our dynamic call distribution ensures that the right agents are handling the right calls to deliver a personalized and knowledgeable caller experience.

Optimizes Overall Marketing Performance and Initiatives

Optimizing your campaign performance is the first step to using call intelligence to your advantage. Our call tracking system provides powerful visibility by capturing valuable insights such as:

  • Outcomes of calls
  • Caller insights and demographics
  • Detailed campaign attribution

Once armed with this data, marketers can optimize campaigns and adjust media spend to drive the types of calls that will be the most successful. Our data can be applied across other channels to optimize every aspect of your marketing initiatives – from landing pages, audience targeting and pay per click messaging.

If you would like to learn more about how CallerReady can help your business generate better leads and increase conversion rates, contact a member of our team today.