Why Phone Calls May Be Better For Your Business Than Lead Forms


For years marketers have tried all the tricks in the book to optimize lead forms for better conversions. A popular opinion among SEO professionals is that phone numbers on web forms lead to lower conversion rates. But what if we have been asking the wrong question all along? The questions should not be “Are phone numbers lowering web form conversion rates?.” The question should be “Are phone numbers better for business than web forms?.” The answer is not simple, but we can safely say that in some cases it makes sense. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to consider adding a phone number on your website or your ads.

Response Time

Web forms lead to a time gab between filling out the form and having someone contact them. Let’s face it – there is a lot that can happen in between. The lead might fill out five other web forms or simply go about their day completely forgetting about your business. With phone calls, you get to talk to the person right at the time they are available and need help. That immediate response may be the difference between a hot lead or a stone cold lead (or no lead at all).

Advice:If you want to call your webform leads immediately after they fille out the form, we suggest that you use a form-to-phone automation software. This tool will send a text to your lead and will make the call exactly when the lead is looking at their phone. You can also schedule follow-up calls at the rate you prefer with call automation software.


Yes, web forms are great for generating high volume cheap leads. But when it comes to quality, phone calls are not even in the same category. CallerReady’s clients report that phone calls convert more than 10x better than web form leads. A customer who makes a phone call is a lot more incline to make a purchase and often spend more money than someone who is browsing the internet. With phone calls you canuse IVR software, call tracking, and CRM system to make the most out of your phone calls and increase their conversions.

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