What Your Call Tracking Software Should Tell You

The more you understand your customers and their needs, the better prepared you are to serve them. Call tracking software can give you the information you need to strengthen your customer service and boost your bottom line.


Where Your Callers are Calling From
Knowing the geographic location of your callers is useful whether you do business around the world or have a local operation. Your phone system can use this information to route calls to regional call centers or to specific employees who are best suited to help them.

If your company has a centralized call center, you can analyze your call data to set call center hours. Take, for example, a company with a call center in Florida that mostly deals with callers in California. The call center hours may need an adjustment hours to accommodate the three or four hour time difference.


What Keywords are Driving Your Calls
One of the most exciting features of call tracking software is keyword analytics. This takes call tracking to a new level by revealing the webpages callers viewed and the keywords they searched for before calling you.

You can compare this information with other data, like call duration and conversion rates to identify which keywords to target in future campaigns. You may also discover in the list of searched keywords new services to offer customers.


Which Marketing Channels are Worth Your Time
Unless you have an unlimited budget, you want to spend your marketing dollars on the campaigns that bring you the greatest ROI. Call tracking software with dynamic call insertion gives you the tools to do just that.

You can assign each marketing channel or type of advertisement a specific phone number. The software then notes which number each caller dials so you can easily see which channels, websites and platforms are most effective.


Why Your Customers are Calling
Customers call because they need something you offer. They may want you to answer a question about your product, need to schedule an appointment, require help purchasing a product or must report a problem. Call tracking software with interactive voice response (IVR) can note this information.

Take a close look at this data to reveal strengths and weaknesses within the company. For example, if you see a spike in calls to technical support, you may have a batch of defective products or unclear user directions that you need to address.

If your business depends on phone calls, it’s time to start analyzing your call data. Learn more about Caller Ready’s performance call marketing solutions by exploring our website at callerready.com or call (877) 800-4844 to speak to a member of our team.