What Is Call Routing Software And How Can It Help Business?

What Is Call Routing Software?

Call routing software forms the basis for an automatic call distributor (also known as an ACD) which uses a routing strategy to direct incoming phone calls to agents, departments or phone queues. The routing strategy dictates where the calls are sent and is composed of a prearranged set of criteria such as the time of day the call is received or the expertise of specific departments.

How Can Call Routing Software Benefit Business?

Call routing software ensures that incoming phone calls are always sent to the appropriate person or channel rather than being misdirected, having the caller receive a busy signal or being sent to voicemail. This is especially important for international businesses who need a 24 hour presence or companies who rely on making a timely sales pitch to a prospective customer who has called in response to a specific need or advertisement.

How Can Call Routing Software Be Configured?

Call routing software can be configured depending on the specific needs of the business and the type of sales or support teams they have in place. Below are descriptions of some of the more common software configurations.

Competitive Call Distribution

For companies that require skilled salespeople to convert callers into customers, competitive call distribution allows the first agent to respond to the call to make the sales pitch. This ensures that the seller is motivated and the call hasn’t been routed to someone who may not actually be at their desk to receive the call.

After Hours And Overflow Routing

If the main office of a business still receives phone calls after hours or the phone lines are overflowing and busy, call routing software allows calls to be forwarded to agents or call centers that are available to take the call immediately. This prevents callers from receiving a busy signal, being directed to voicemail or being left on hold for long periods of time.

Round Robin Routing

Round robin routing is a term used for a call routing system that allows an even distribution of calls amongst the available sales agents. Rather than have certain agents receiving too many calls while others remain unused, a round robin call routing configuration will give every agent an equal chance to receive a call and make a sale.

CallerReady Call Routing Solutions

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