What is a Good Pay Per Call CRM System?

A good Customers Relation Management System is an important tool for every sales team. When it comes to inbound calls, having a good CRM software is even more important. Call leads are usually very time sensitive. Customers who choose to call a business often have an immediate need that has to be addressed. For this reason, it’s important that a good pay per call CRM can qualify, distribute, and follow up with calls in the most efficient way.

Qualify Calls
It’s important that callers go through a qualification process before they are connected to a sales agent. CallerReady can qualify the lead with an IVR to make sure that the call is routed to the most qualified agent. The advertiser can choose to award calls based on rules, availability, skills-based, priority based, and more. Once the qualification process is finished, it’s also very important that the call is distributed in the fastest way possible.

Distribute Leads
CallerReady’s secret sauce is it’s call distribution technology which guarantees the fastest human to human connection. Other pay per call platforms will award the call to the agent that has been waiting the longest. However, if this agent is not available, the caller will be left waiting and most likely hang up in frustration. CallerReady’s technology offers the call to multiple agents simultaneously and the call is awarded to the first agent who indicates that he/she is available. Faster connection leads to better conversions. Even if the call does not convert right away, CallerReady’s CRM makes it easy to schedule a follow up call.

Schedule Follow Up Calls
“No” today does not mean “No” forever. That’s why it’s important that sales agents make timely follow ups with callers that did not convert right away. CallerReady’s CRM allows sales agents to schedule follow up calls at the push of a button with our easy to use Call Scheduling Tool. The best part is that every call and follow up is stored and can easily be exported inan easy to understand report.

At CallerReady we like to say: “That which you can track, you can manage.” Our CRM track every activity associated with a call and can be used for analytical purposes. Advertisers can track where calls came from, which campaigns performed best, and which sales agents brought the most revenue.