Understanding Call Generation: How to Make the Phone Ring

Between email, instant messaging, comments, and reviews, your customers have plenty of ways to communicate with you. These digital options are convenient, but they still haven’t replaced the phone as a communication tool. That’s why companies continue to rely on call generation to connect with potential customers. Your sales team needs leads to convert into sales, and call generation is how that happens.


Call Generation as Part of a Marketing Campaign
The goal of many marketing campaigns is to generate leads that eventually turn into additional sales for the company. There are several ways to do this, including cold calls and soliciting contact information from landing page. Although these methods work, they don’t indicate the lead’s interest in the product or service. The lead may feign interest to end the cold call or may provide the contact information just to have access to the website.

Call generation provides better, and often more qualified leads. When potential customers see an advertisement—either in print or online—they must make a decision. If they pick up the phone and call to learn more, they show some degree of interest in the product or service. This increases the odds that the sales team can convert the lead into customer.


How to Generate Calls
To generate calls, you have to get your phone number in front of potential customers. There are several ways to do this. You can add a click to call button on your website. You can post your phone number on social media accounts. You can include your phone number on print advertisements or hand out business cards to everyone you meet. Interested individuals then call.


Tracking Inbound Calls
Generating calls to route to the sales department is an important part of a marketing campaign, but you shouldn’t stop there. When you take the time to analyze where the calls originate and what happens to them after they contact you, you learn powerful information that helps you plan future campaigns, train employees and provide a better customer experience.

Take, for example, a roofing company that wants to promote a new service. It places ads on the company’s social media accounts and purchases a search engine advertisement. By tracking the phone calls, the company discovers more than which channels produce the best leads. It also learns how much time company representatives should spend on the phone with leads and how soon they should initiate contact with them. With this type of information, the company can fine tune its future advertising to target the customers most likely to buy the service.

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