The Power of Click-to-Call: Why Your Business Needs to Use Click-to-Call

Dialing a phone number is so retro. You probably don’t even remember the last time you had to actually type in a phone number that you saw on the internet. Thanks to click-to-call, we can make phone calls by a simple tap or click of a button. Even if you are browsing from a desktop, you can still make a call directly from your computer thanks to VOIP softwares that allows you to talk via the Internet. A survey done by Ipsos and published by Google, attempts to better understand click-to-call in mobile and organic search. The study showed that “70% of mobile searchers use click to call and that calls are an important channel for consumers.”Here are just a few reasons why people may want to call your business.

Why Do People Use Click 2 Call

  • Find info about the business – Sometimes we need information immediately, especially if we are on the go and we can’t browse around to search for the information we need. Questions about open hours and location are usually easily and quickly handled over the phone.
  • Find info about the product – Product descriptions are great, but they don’t and they can’t answer all the questions that individual buyers have. If the customer has any hesitations about purchasing your products, you want them to find the answers quickly before they change their mind or go to your competitors.
  • Get customer help – Being available for your customers in the moment they have difficulty with your product or service is not only good for customer satisfaction, but also for branding. Happy customers don’t always spread the word when they get great customer service, but angry customers will almost always find a way to share their frustration with friends and family. Providing a click to call will definitely make it easier to reach the customer before they get even more frustrated
  • Make a purchase– For many industries such as travel, restaurant, and insurance, speaking with a real person is a vital step in the purchasing process. If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant you know that there’s an infinite amount of questions that come your way, especially in the era of organic-glutenfree-cagefree mania.

Customer’s journey does not stop with clicking the call button. If anything, this is where the fun begins. The last thing you need is to have a customer call your business and you not being able to help them. For this reason, you need a call handling software. CallerReady can help you qualify, transfer, and track your calls so you can focus on what’s most important in your business.