Pay Per Call Meets Call Intelligence Platform

In the last ten years we witnessed an exponential rise in marketing firms paying a good amount of money to paid search platforms to gather customer phone calls. Market and industry analysts have also mentioned that marketer and sales teams prefer phone-based leads more than web-based leads.

With the rise of calls came the need for Call Intelligence Platforms that provide the necessary intel about calls. Including a call intelligence platform in your Pay-Per-Call (PPC) campaign will be a fruitful decision for your marketing efforts and ultimately, your business.

Inbound Calls are Important

It’s true that normal digital marketing lets you track the clicks and call-to-action precisely. But it’s also true that people sometimes prefer to call more than filling out a form. If you use a call intelligence platform, you’ll be able to target audience more effectively and get higher conversion rates.

What is the function of Call Intelligence?

In simple words, call intelligence tracks phone numbers instead of clicks. Conventional digital marketing strategies become ineffective the moment your clients decide to go offline and call you. You may be able to convert a lead on the phone, but your system will take it as a failed conversion. On the other hand, call intelligence tells you the complete journey of a caller from a webpage to the call you received. You’ll also know all the keywords, the landing page, the relevant ad, the campaigner, you leads’ spending habits, their buying psychology and much more! The possibilities are limitless when you decide to use call intelligence.

What happens when Pay Per Call and Call Intelligence Come Together?

If you want to define it in one word, it would be Magic! When you join pay per call with call intelligence, you get to fill in the information void that comes regularly with paid searches. Call intelligence facilitates you to analyze the complete digital journey of your caller, right from start to the finish. Your CSRs can use this invaluable information to make better conversions, and generate more revenues for you. You’ll also know which campaign is the most beneficial for you, and which campaign needs what kind of workaround.