Pay-Per-Call Marketing: Call Attribution

Pay-Per-Call advertising is a type performance-based marketing in which the publisher gets paid only if there’s measurable results. In most cases, a click of the call button does not necessarily mean money for the publisher. The call needs to be qualified, attributed, and analyzed before the publisher gets a commission. For this reason, it’s very important that performance marketers use call attribution to monitor, analyze, and improve their pay-per-call campaigns.

How does call attribution work?

Call attribution tracks the phone call to its source. Unique trackable phone numbers are assigned to each campaign which allows marketers to track the call back to the ad and keyword level. CallerReady’s call tracking platform allows you to analyze your call data to see which ads are bringing the most traffic and optimize your budget accordingly.

Why it’s important?

Publishers – As mentioned above, publishers use call attribution to measure the performance of their campaigns. They also use call attribution to get credit for the call that was sent to the advertiser. If the call met the advertiser’s qualification, the publisher gets paid.

Advertisers – call attribution helps advertisers trace the call to the publisher that generated the call.
Pay-per-call platforms – Pay-per-call platforms also use call attribution to route their calls. CallerReady uses data to route the call to the right agent based on caller’s keyword search, location, and customer needs.

Attribution is measurement. This means that whole process, from the click of the call button to the end of the call, needs to be tracked and analyzed with perfection. CalleReady offers the tools for publishers and advertiser that will help them make the most of their pay-per-call marketing efforts. Visit our Call Tracking page for more information.