Maximize sales with call marketing automation

Joe Charlson | CEO & Founder | CallerReady

Why do we generate leads?
To get them on phone
Connected to the right agent who can help them in their buying decision

In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell spoke the words
“Watson come here! I want to see you!”
into his invention
the telephone

Call Marketing Dashboard v1

State Of The Art Call Dashboards Today

  • Monitor the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Monitor connection rates, dispositions and durations
  • Export data directly into Excel for additional analysis


Allow you to see and manage Buyers





So we’ve evolved…
From: people making connections through manual switchboards

To: modern call marketing systems where the connections are brokered by sophisticated software running in the cloud

What is Call Marketing Automation?
The use of technology to connect two parties on the phone

Components of Call Marketing Automation
Lead-to-Call Automation
LTC final

Components of Call Marketing Automation
Call Engagement Widgets
Talk Now Icon Final-01

Components of Call Marketing Automation
Call Tracking

  • Campaign/Source level
  • Dynamic Phone Number Insertion


Components of Call Marketing Automation
Dynamic Call Distribution

Components of Call Marketing Automation
Overflow and Afterhours
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Components of Call Marketing Automation
Pay-Per-Call Call Commerce Platform

What are the two biggest points of failure in call campaigns?

  • I can’t get the lead on the phone
  • Once I’ve got the lead on the phone, I can’t get them connected to the right agent/call buyer

Getting the lead on the phone
Lead-To-Call Automation Case Studies”, Wed. 10:45 am in the Outbound Track

  • Outbound Contact Center Automation – May Chan, Nationstar Mortgage
  • Email-To-Call Generation, Jeffrey Fisher, Inquivision
  • Inbound Call with Dynamic Call Distribution API, Clelland Green, Benepath

Example Lead-to-Call Automation Flow
Example Standard Call & SMS Flow
SMS – Pre-Call Warming
1st Call Attempt
2nd Call Attempt
3rd Call Attempt
4th Call Attempt
5th Call Attempt
6th Call Attempt
SMS – Sorry We Missed You
7th Call Attempt
Afterhours Events – Form Fill and Inbound Calls arriving when the Office is closed
SMS – After-Hours
After Hours Inbound Caller Greeting
After Hours – 1st Call Attempt
After Hours – 2nd Call Attempt
SMS – After-Hours Failure to Connect

Example Pay-Per-Call Billable Call Yield by Outbound Call Count

Example Pay-Per-Call Conversions by Call Attempt
Cumulative Conversions by Call Attempt With Inbound Calls and Form Leads

Integrating Phone Number with Form Typically Yield

Two Main Methods Exist for Call Tracking

  • Click Level: To track clicks through to offline conversion on a call requires Ring Pool phone numbers
  • Source Level: To track at a Campaign Source level, only 1 number is required.

Ok, lead is on the line, now what?
Should we connect the lead with the next qualified matching buyer/agent who has been waiting the longest for a call?
50-waysstop sign-01

Two techniques to ensure the best yield

  • Make buyers/agents compete for the call
  • Add protection by setting up Overflow and Afterhours call flow handling


What is Dynamic Call Distribution?
Using data and information from the lead record to select which agents/buyers to offer the call to

What is a Speed to Press 1 Competition?

  • Taking the list of matching, prioritized agents/buyers and offering the call to them in a handicapped but still partially overlapping manner.
  • The first agent/buyer to press a key wins the competition and is awarded the call.

Example Results of Running Dynamic Speed to Press 1 Auctions

When Call Buyers Compete, Everyone Wins

  • Faster connection = happier consumer
  • Connection and Billable rate dramatically increase
  • Less arguments over the abandoned calls
  • Buyers only paying for calls they win
  • Helps mitigate impacts of demand spikes


In Addition To Call Distribution, Solid Overflow and After Hours will help you scale
For example:

  • Configure back-up call centers and backup buyers of last resort
  • Tiered hunt groups
  • Intelligent Abandonment

stop sign-01

So we’ve come a long way and the tools allow you to ratchet up your sales yields

  • Present your leads with the option of a form and a phone number to call
  • Use real-time competitive call competitions to distribute calls
  • Ensure you configure Overflow and Afterhours processes

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