How to optimize your Call-Only Ads – Keywords, Call-to-Action, and Call Tracking

Digital marketing is steadily shifting towards mobile and calls become more valuable for advertisers. Study shows that businesses will receive more than 60 billion calls this year. Also 70% of people who use their phones to browse the internet will make a phone call right from the search result. In 2015 Google made it clear how important calls have become by introducing call-only ads. These ads display your business phone number and is shown only on devices that can make phone calls. For maximum results with your call-only ads you need proper keywords, great call-to-action, and the best call tracking software.



If you are familiar with digital advertising, you know that keywords are the secret sauce to marketing successful campaigns. When you use keywords for your mobile campaigns, make sure that you keep in mind the fact that your customers are on their mobile devices and they might search for different products and services than when they are on their desktops. For example, keywords such as ‘towing companies’ may be a great choice for a mobile ad. If someone is searching for this term, they are probably stuck on the road right at this moment and they need immediate help.

Call to Action


Every Good marketer knows that a good ad copy requires a great call-to-action. Your call-to-action should compliment your call button. Invite people to call you by ending your ad with “Call us Today” or “Call for a Free Quote.” Including a mobile-tailored call-to-action will most definitely increase your click-through rate.

Call Tracking Software


After setting up your ads, you need to track their performance. A Call Tracking platform, will provide the tools to capture and analyze your call data in order to maximize your advertising spend. The call tracking software will give you unique tractable phone numbers which will attribute the call to a specific ad and keyword. This way you will know which ads are bringing you the most calls and you can focus on optimizing them. CallerReady offers more than call tracking numbers. You can also qualify and distribute the call based on geographic and prioritized distribution. You will also get real time call analytics to immediately determine which ads are most effective. Here are some other tools that can help you call advertising efforts.

Mobile marketing does not stop after creating a great ad. If anything, this is when it all begins. Being able to track and analyze the performance of your campaigns will give you an edge in the business. When call-only is your marketing strategy, make CallerReady your call tracking platform.