How Getting a Leads Phone Number Translates into Call Me Now


No matter what lead management system or types of advertising you are using to encourage prospects into submitting a lead form, you should always require that they include a phone number. Many marketers disagree with this philosophy and will argue that the number of leads you will receive will be seriously diminished. That’s ok. In fact, it can be a good thing that will save you time and valuable resources.

If you think about it when filling out a lead form that only requires an email, how many times do people even enter an email address that they even check on a regular basis? Most people in this day and age have multiple email accounts and generally use the one they monitor the least, or solely use to sign up for subscriptions and newsletters that they will ignore. You may receive a higher number of lead forms throughout a month without requesting a contact number, but chances are the likelihood of connecting with one of these prospects and having them call an agent at your organization can be slim.

On the other hand, if you make the phone number a required field, suddenly you have eliminated many ‘browsers’ that had a relatively low interest in your product or service. When someone provides their mobile number, they are essentially saying ‘Call Me Now’ and are interested in what your business is offering.

IVR technology


It’s a Commitment

By requiring a phone number and using Caller Ready’s lead-to-automation tool suite, your business is positioned to connect with incredibly hot leads in a matter of moments. Our IVR technology will send an SMS notification within a matter of minutes after the potential customer has submitted the lead form, alerting them that your business will be calling shortly. This grabs their attention and gets their mobile in their hands, increasing the odds that they will answer your call. At this point, we send an automated call to qualify their intent and ensure that it is a good time for them to have a conversation. Whether they request to speak to an agent immediately or schedule a call for a later time, that prospect has committed to wanting to interact with your organization and is a high conversion opportunity.

See the Results

Even if the number of lead forms you receive is reduced substantially, the resources saved from not having to chase and try to entice the prospect to call is worth it. By ensuring when you do connect a lead to one of your associates, it is a high quality opportunity, the conversion rate, reduced cost per contact and savings on resources will make you wonder why you never made the phone number field mandatory earlier. By getting prospects into the ‘Call Me Now’ mood and with Caller Ready’s rapid lead-to-automation technology, your sales team is being delivered interested leads that are ready to purchase.

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