How Can Call Tracking Justify Marketing Department Spending?

If your business relies on calls from customers, you’re probably already used to receiving a large volume of phone calls. But where do these callers come from and how did they hear about your business? If you or your department is in charge of the advertising budget, you’ll need to know which campaigns are performing and which are simply a waste of money. This is where call tracking can provide the hard proof of each ad campaign’s effectiveness. In this blog post we’ll explain how call tracking can help your marketing department justify its spending.

Prove Ad Effectiveness

Call tracking allows you to understand which ads are driving the phone calls to your business. Whether your calls come from online pay per call campaigns or more traditional media sources such as radio, TV, print or billboards, call tracking will let you know which campaign is most effective in making customers respond.

Verify Return On Investment

With call tracking you’re able to determine exactly how many phone calls each advertising campaign generates. By being given an easy way to calculate your return on investment, you’ll not only arm yourself with hard data that can be presented to your ad sales reps when it comes time to negotiate prices, you’ll also have hard evidence with which to validate your marketing budgets to your superiors.

Associate Leads With Ad Strategies

By using the phone numbers that your leads are calling and matching them with their associated ad campaigns, you’ll be given greater insight into what type of campaign works best for the various demographics you serve. You may assume that customers who respond to online ads are younger than those who are driven by radio campaigns, but these types of assumptions can often be proven wrong. Call tracking gives you the data to make sure you’re relying on facts rather than assumptions.

Target Spending

With the demographic data you’re able to tease out of the tracked responses to your advertising, you’ll be able to focus future spending on more specific audiences. Call tracking enables you to shift from addressing the general population to targeting the particular demographic that responds best to your business.

Improve Remarketing Efforts

Call tracking allows you to remarket to customers who initially showed interest but ultimately didn’t complete a transaction. With call tracking you’ll be able to make a follow up call using the information generated during the initial interaction and tailor the sales pitch accordingly.

The CallerReady Call Tracking Platform

As part of our commitment to CompleteTrackabilityTM, the CallerReady call tracking platform provides the tools to capture and analyze your call data in order to maximize your advertising spend. Get in touch with CallerReady today to receive your free demo.