Eliminate Bad Caller Experiences and Maximize Your Call Leads ROI





Digital can drive a lot of calls and data shows that calls convert ten times more than the rate of clicks. Organizations have an enormous opportunity to drive revenue growth via call leads, but many are not optimizing a critical aspect to ensure success and that is Caller Experience.

No matter how good your business looks online, or how enticing your lead ad is, if a customer calls and feels they have been treated poorly, there is no chance of converting them. Phone calls have been traditionally overlooked by marketers as they did not fall under their scope until the rise of mobile and digital leads. Now, not only do they need to optimize their campaigns but they also need to place a focus on ensuring callers get a positive and rewarding experience. Nothing will drive a customer lead into the hands of your competitor quicker than a poor customer service experience.

What Are Customers Top Complaints

  • Being Transferred Multiple Times
  • Long Hold Time
  • Rude Customer Service
  • Unknowledgeable Employees

Just How Big is Mobile from Digital Marketing?

  • In a recent study, Harvard Business Review found that 57% of inbound callers had visited the company website prior to calling.
  • Research shows that 59% of adults will call a business at least several times per month.
  • The BIA Kelsey Group identified that by 2020, mobile search alone will have driven 169 billion phone calls to businesses.

It’s How You Say It

UCLA presented a theory that only 7% comprehension from verbal communication comes from the actual words being spoken and 38% comes from how the words are spoken. The remaining 55% is based on facial expressions and body language, which obviously are not applicable over the phone.

New Voice Media researched that poor customer service costs companies over $62 billion dollars a year in new business. Make sure that your company is not losing revenue from bad caller experiences and place a strong focus on optimizing your caller experience from the very first point of contact, your IVR, all the way to the actual conversation with your sales and customer service staff.

How do you ensure that your leads and customers are receiving a quality call experience? For starters, optimize your IVR.

Use Professional Voice Recordings

Make sure your IVR doesn’t sound like a robot and the voice is clearly understood. A/B test to determine what type of voice your customers prefer. Some organizations see a positive conversion increase when they use a higher pitched energetic voice and others fare better with a formal, professional tone.

Organize IVR Prompts for Easy Navigation

Organize your IVR selection and use a script that uses action statements at the end of the sentence which is easier for people to remember. For example ‘For Sales, Press 1.’

Get Qualifying Questions Out of the Way

Save both your lead and your employees time by pre-qualifying the call. Prompts to select where the caller is based, their age or any other critical questions that will screen out invalid leads and save time for everyone involved.

caller experienceFinally, your employees. Invest in some soft skill training to ensure that they are all providing the same quality level of service and are empowered to use the tools necessary to convert your mobile lead into a customer.

Your Internal Training Should Include Modules on These Essential Skill Sets:

  • Productive and Positive Language
  • Service-Oriented Attitude
  • Complaint Resolution
  • Problem Solving Skills

Also, make sure your team knows how to make a positive last impression. A simple ‘Thank you for calling’ or ‘Nice speaking with you today’ can go a long way.

By optimizing the caller experience, you can increase your conversion and acquisition rates while setting the stage to create customer loyalty and a lasting, positive relationship. Take the time to do an analysis on the number of calls you are receiving from digital campaigns and what your conversion rate is for the calls to set a benchmark for improvement. There is such a high value in converted calls, so make sure you are maximizing your ROI by providing an exceptional caller experience.
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