Call Tracking: Use a Call Extension to Increase Your Conversion Rate

We live in a world where everything happens online. There is a popular misconception that people don’t call phone numbers anymore. However, research shows that including phone numbers with your digital advertising efforts can be extremely beneficial, even if your business does not heavily rely on phone calls. Here is an example of how a phone number can help your Adwords Campaigns.

Call Extensions

You have your PPC campaigns set up and clicks are flowing in. You know that people are visiting your website and looking at your products. You collect data and track performance. Conversion rates are a little low, but it’s better than nothing. But did you know that you can insert a phone number right into your PPC ad? It’s called call extension and it displays a clickable call button with your ad. Google reports that call extensions typically increase the click-through rate by 4-5%. The best part is that you can track calls as conversion and the phone call costs as much as the click, with the benefit that calls have a much higher conversion rate (sometimes up to 40-50%, depending on the industry). While not everyone will click the call button, why not give your customers the option.

How to Track Your Calls
If you want to make the best out of your call extensions campaigns, we recommend that you use a call tracking software. Google and Bing will give you limited tools to track the performance of your calls. At CallerReady, we like to say, “What you can track, you can manage.” We provide all the tools that you need to analyze your data:

  • Tractable Phone Numbers – we offer a low cost unique phone numbers for each of your campaigns
  • Qualify Calls – with a custom IVR, you can easily qualify your customers and distribute the call based on your own rules
  • Source Tracking – provides attribution at the marketing campaign level

With our Call Tracking Platform, you will have all the tools to analyze your call data and maximize your budget. Don’t forget to call us for more info.