Call Tracking Platform : Optimize Ad Spend With Integrated Call Data

call tracking

We all know that monitoring and measuring analytics is critical to developing and maintaining online marketing campaigns. What is often overlooked, is tracking phone calls. Without this metric, your organization is missing the complete picture on lead and conversion data.

By using a call tracking platform, marketers capture the final missing piece of the analytics puzzle. With this complete insight, businesses can better understand their audience, alleviate attribution blind spots and accurately analyze which digital as well as offline marketing efforts are driving your customers to pick up the phone and call. With a thorough understanding of customer behavior, pay per call marketing, online and offline campaigns can be optimized to effectively reach your target audience.

CompleteTrackability for Complete Results

By using Caller Ready’s Call Tracking platform, your business is equipped to accurately capture and analyze your call data and attribute whether that call generated from search, email or an offline campaign.  Our commitment is simple, CompleteTrackability so that you can understand what is performing best.

Another benefit to using our call tracking platform is the ability to use keyword level tracking to see which words and phrases are driving the most leads and conversions from your pay per call marketing and pay per click campaigns.

pay per call marketing


Dynamic Keyword Level Tracking:

  • We assign your business a pool of low cost local and toll-free numbers that are unique to your organization.
  • When a customer locates your business online via a paid ad, they will see one of your unique trackable phone numbers
  • Analytics will monitor which source and keywords drove the call

Campaign Level Tracking For Everything

In addition, campaign level tracking offers insight into which online and offline marketing campaigns are driving the most conversions. Through Caller Ready’s  real-time call analytics and reporting dashboard, you will be able to easily identify and measure the success of both digital and offline advertisements. Our CompleteTrackability program can be used for any campaign imaginable, from billboards to TV ads to the more common PPC and Facebook advertising efforts.

By truly understanding which campaigns are resonating with your customer base, you can accurately optimize your marketing spend to ensure that you are driving the most profitability and highest conversion rate possible. If you are ready to improve your campaign profitability by utilizing a call tracking platform, connect with our team or call 877.800.4844.